Unexpected Journeys

Greetings all…

It’s been quite a while since I have posted on here so I thought what better time to start again than now.  That’s a true sentiment in several ways, and I’ll get to that shortly.

When I look back at the blogging I have done on this site, a few things pop out at me.  Most significantly is the amount of writing, and truth be told it was a lot,  that was done in a relatively short period of time.   I had a lot to release and doing so proved far more cathartic than I realized.   I have other half finished posts on here as drafts that may never see the light of day.  But who knows.  What I remember about all of this writing is just how energetic I was when I was doing it, but then just how exhausted I was for days (literally) after I published the last post.  Just utterly gutted with exhaustion.  So much so that the thought of blogging again became intimidating.  It was painful to think about, in fact.  Physically painful because it was the first time I had undertaken such a task since my concussion, and emotionally painful as in it I faced head on some lingering, deep seated emotions that needed to be released and send on their way which was, arguably, pretty darn courageous.  So, I took a break.  That break, it seems, is coming to an end.

Now I find myself *here.* Where is here exactly?  Well, it’s here, writing this blog.  And here, through my facebook pages and greater online presence.  And it is here, in a new home and a new city, something that I dd not clearly foresee when I started this blog over two months ago.  It’s a time of great, and rather joyful, transition in several ways.  The move has allowed me to start fresh into many things and I’m happy to say that one of those things is yoga.  After taking a significant amount of time to recover from my TBI, I began to re-approach my own practice.  With some initial trepidation, I began to feel the joy again, the joy of my own practice.  And now I have begun to feel the joy of teaching again.   I taught my first class yesterday and it was wonderful!   My body s responding to both practice and teaching and  am so happy to be in “recovery!”

Starting at a new and beautiful studio which seems to hold a lot of promise is also a wonderful experience.  It reminds me that the teachings hold real value, especially in an environment where the teachers and the teachings are highly valued, and that I hold real value in sharing what  know.  I feel that I very well may have found a space that will truly nurture me as a teacher, encouraging me to challenge myself and to go as far as I can in both my personal and professional practice.  A place where I can find my true strengths as a teacher again.

So, I’m back, in more ways than one and  hope to be blogging here more often.   After looking back on the blog burn out I experienced, however,  think I’ll ease my way into it, one blog at a time…

I leave with a song, first one that comes to mind.  Go ahead and click on that link.  You know you want to!!!    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH6TJU0qWoY